Leather & Suede Cleaning

Cleaning leather and suede is different from cleaning textiles. At Pressto, we always recommend not to clean leather or suede garments unless it is really needed. Most leather and suede are dyed to a color that is sometimes hard to match and is unstable during the cleaning process. Understanding that, Pressto will first try and hand clean a garment, if that does not work, our staff will consider the next safest method of which there are several. In purchasing a leather piece, it is advisable to try and stick with basic colors if you need to clean it.

Also, in the care of your leather garment, it is best to store in a climate controlled setting. Too much heat and humidity can damage the garment. As with entire wardrobe, it is best to keep your leathers and suede clean & away from sun light.

Your leather and suede can last a lifetime with proper care and storage.


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